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Fri, January 10, 2014

My Divisional Round Predictions

Last week, I went 2-2 in the Wild Card Round.  Take a look.  I will try to be better this week.

Division Game 1: #6 New Orleans @ #1 Seattle in the NFC (Saturday, 3:35 kickoff)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to make the logical pick here and go with Seattle.  However, by definition of the “J-Hull Black Sharpie Lock” I can’t as I picked New Orleans to win the NFC this year back towards the end of 2012.  As for this game…New Orleans proved an ability to win on the road last week by squeaking one out in Philly. Seattle has been deemed the “Super Team” for this year and rightfully so.  The way New Orleans will win is to stymie the Seattle offense, which can be done.  If Russell Wilson has a day, it could be a long flight home for the Saints.  So illogically, with my heart, I have to take New Orleans.  I really think its Seattle 27-20, though.

New Orleans over Seattle 20-14

Division Game 2: #4 Indianapolis @ #2 New England in the AFC (Saturday, 7:15 Kickoff)

Indianapolis shocked the world with their 28-comeback and in the process Andrew Luck added to his legend.  In my opinion, it’s a legend that will end up (probably sooner than later) with Luck in elite category.  If you like points, this game seems to be for you with both Indy and New England brining in less than stellar defenses.  New England has struggled this year having to squeak out a few games like Indy did this last week.  Based on last week, I think fate could be on Indy’s side so I will go with the young guy.  Also, weather keeps this game lower scoring than people believe.

Indy over New England 24-20

Division Game 3: #5 San Francisco @ #2 Carolina in the NFC (Sunday, 12:00 Kickoff)

After the 49ers beat Green Bay, it appears that pretty much everyone has penciled San Francisco into the NFC Championship game.  I am not everyone.  Colin Kaepernick’s performance against Green Bay was largely in part to defensive breakdowns by the Packers.  Carolina’s defense is far superior to the Packers.  A few weeks back, Carolina went to San Francisco and beat them.  Now they are at home.  While the Niners have been streaking themselves, I see Cam Newton doing more than enough for the Panthers to win fairly comfortably.

Carolina over San Francisco 24-13

Division Game 4: #6 San Diego @ #1 Denver in the AFC (Sunday, 3:40 Kickoff)

With the Chargers performance on Sunday and Peyton Manning’s playoff record, the Chargers are becoming a fairly “sexy” pick this week.  I am not buying it.  I think this one will be pretty clear cut:  Broncos roll.  Way to many offensive weapons on the Broncos.  The Chargers will get it going at times, but the Broncos defense will come up with enough stops to give the World Manning/Luck II. 

Denver over San Diego 48-27

Enjoy the games!

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