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Tue, September 10, 2013

Ted Thompson = Results (BLOG)

The General Manager of the Green Bay Packers has come under fire (yes, already) by some Green Bay Packer fans after Sunday’s 34-28 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.  I get it, Ted Thompson doesn’t sign free agents.  His personality is dry and his methods are boring.  I will be honest, I scratch my head at some of the “lack of moves” that he has made in his eight-plus years at the helm.   With that being said, results are what this business is made of.  Thompson has them. 

I went back this morning and took a look at Ted’s time in Green Bay compared to the rest of the NFL when in comes to bottom line results.  No, I am not going to get into the number of free agents or draft picks that panned out or any of that.  Results.  Wins.  Loses.  Playoff Appearances.  Playoff Wins.  Championships.  Those are the things that ultimately matter.  Let’s take a look.

Since 2005 (8-seasons), when Thompson came aboard. 

- The Packers have won 78 regular season games which ranks 6th in the NFL and 1st in the NFC.  Only the Patriots (98), Colts (88), Steelers (82), Ravens (80), and Chargers (79) have more.  The Giants (77), Bears (76), and Falcons (75) are close behind out of the NFC.

- The Packers have 5 playoff appearances over this span which is tied for 4th most in the NFL and tied with the Giants and Seahawks for first in the NFC.  The Patriots (7), Colts (7), and Ravens (6) have more.  The Steelers (5) are also tied with the Packers.

- The Packers have 3 NFC North titles in that span.  Only the Patriots (7), Colts (5), Chargers (4), and Seahawks (4) have more.  The Steelers, Ravens, Giants, Bears, Saints, and Broncos also have 3.  I want to add, one of those for the Seahawk wins was in a 7-9 year.

- If first round byes even matter, the Packers have had 2 over that stretch along with 7-other teams.  Only the Patriots (4), Colts (3), and Bears (3) have more that Green Bay.

- The Packers have compiled 6-playoff wins in the Ted Thompson era.  The Steelers and Ravens each have 9-playoff wins while the Patriots and Giants each tallied 8.  Yes, 4 of the Packer wins came in one year but look at the teams ahead of them?  The Giants and Stelelers have 2 Super Bowl runs while the Ravens have one.  The Colts and Seahawks each have 6, also. 

- Conference Championship Game appearances, Packers have 2.  The Patriots (4), Ravens (3), and Steelers (3) have more, but are all in the AFC.  The other teams with 2 are the Colts, Jets, Giants, Bears, Saints, and 49ers.

- The Packers have appeared in and won only one Super Bowl in the Thompson era.  The Giants have appeared in two and won them both.  The Steelers (3), Patriots (2) and Colts (2) have also appeared in multiple Super Bowls.

- Super Bowl Wins: Giants and Steelers each have 2.  The Saints, Colts, Ravens and the Packers make up the other 4 in that time.

So how far off is the Thompson plan?  In the NFC, the only team you can argue over the Packers is the Giants.  That means there are 14-teams in the conference looking up at them.  When you look at the AFC, it’s easy to see the Patriots, Colts, and Steelers have had more success.  The Ravens and Packers are super similar.  Then its teams like that Seahawks, Saints, Chargers, Bears among others get sprinkled in next.

One other thing…Thompson’s first 2 seasons of repairing the Sherman era ARE factored in.  If you take those out, the Packers move up in a bunch of categories.  Just keep that in mind, not showing the numbers, but a combined 12-20 record with 0 playoff appearances bring the Packers overall numbers down.

I want to add one more look in here.  This is a “what have you done for me lately” league.  So, what has TT done for you lately?  Let’s cut that 8-year tenure in half and take a look at the numbers that last 4-years.

- The Packers 47 wins are 2nd most in the NFL.  Only the Patriots (49) have more.  The Falcons (45), Ravens (45), and Saints (44) are the next teams on the list.

- The Packers, along with the Ravens and Patriots, have appeared in the post season each of the last 4-seasons.  There are 4-teams that have made the post season 3 out of the last 4 years:  Falcons, Saints, Colts, and Bengals.

- The Packers are one of eight teams that have won a pair of division titles in that time.  The Patriots are the only team with more at four.

- Green Bay’s 5-playoff wins trails only the Ravens who have 7.

- The 49ers, Jets, Ravens, and Patriots are the only teams with 2 championship game appearances in that time. 

- There have been eight different teams to play in the Super Bowl and four different winners in the last four years.  No one leads that category.

Results don’t lie.  What Thompson has accomplished is on par with where it needs to be.  There isn’t anyone running circles around this franchise so why would a change be in order?  I get it; folks don’t like how he does it.  But does it matter when the results are there?

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