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Hull Yes or Hull No? Matt Garza is now a Brewer

Thursday, Jan, 23 2014

The Milwaukee Brewers have reportedly agreed to a 4-year, $52-Million deal with Free Agent Pitcher Matt Garza.

Here are 10-thoughts that have crossed my mind in the near hour since the news came out:

1.) 4-years is too long for a guy who has started just 42-games in last 2-seasons.

2.) 4-years is too long for any MLB player over 30

3.) Brewers probably needed to dangle the 4th year to get him.

4.) Numbers are better than Suppan and Wolf at time of deal & overall better than Lohse.  Lohse had better seasons right before coming to Milwaukee. 

5.) The Brewers do not squander a draft pick.  This I love.

6.) Garza gives the Brewers a respectable top 3 of the rotation.

7.) Would the Cardinals have made this deal? Probably not.

8.) When will the Brewers draft & develop a top of the rotation pitcher?

9.) 4-years is still to long...for any player, in my opinion.

10.) This move fits into my “Brewers are turning into the Bucks” feeling that has been developing in my mind that last couple years.  Does Garza put them to a championship level or does he place a band-aid over a real issue that will help get them to .500 on a good year.

Good signing?  Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.  Any signing that works is a good one.  Any signing that doesn’t is a bad one.  If Garza lives up to his numbers and stays healthy it will be a good signing.

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Mark Murphy in favor of adding additional Wild Card Teams, eliminating presason games

Wednesday, Jan, 22 2014

As a member of the NFL’s competition committee, Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy has his pulse on the latest rule changes being discussed.  This week, the big topic around the league has been about eliminating the extra point and adding a Wild Card team to each league.

“That’s something we have looked at” Murphy said when asked about expanding the post season.  “Right now of the 32 teams only 12 make it.  I don’t think we want to get where, not to criticize other sports, but, it seems like everybody makes it.  If we did the discussion would be one additional Wild Card team in each conference so it would still be less than 50% of the teams, 14 out of 32”

Murphy admitted he is in favor of this change.

“I would be in favor of it in the sense that it’s a way to add additional revenue.”

The tradeoff, as Murphy discussed, could be getting rid of a preseason game.

“If we could (add 2 Wild Card teams), and make changes in the preseason, maybe eliminate a preseason game, something along those lines, cause our preseason, really, is not of a high quality anymore.  So, I think that trade off would be really positive for the fans.”

The other topic of the week has been the elimination of the extra point.  Murphy confirmed that it has been talked about.

“Its gotten to a point where our kickers are so good that its almost automatic.  I think this year there were 5 missed extra points out of over 1200 attempts.”

Murphy cited Justin Harrell's season-ending injury on an extra point in 2010 as an example of a risk that could be avoided if extra points were eliminated. Player safety has been a major concern for the NFL in recent years.

Murphy also commented on the offseason, recent ticket surveys and work on the atrium.  Here is the whole conversation:

Murphy was representing the organization Tuesday night at the 49th Annual Red Smith awards banquet in Appleton.

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Hull Yes or Hull No? The Extra Point in the NFL

Tuesday, Jan, 21 2014

A few weeks back, New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichek called the extra point a "waste of time."  This sparked some debate on whether the NFL would ever consider eliminating the play.

To be honest, I thought the thought and conversation was a "waste of time."  Well, per usual when trying to predict the sports world, I was wrong! 

If you haven't checked out the article at Pro Football Talk yet, here is the link. And as Dan Patrick pointed out on our airwaves, the NFL doesn't kick the tires on things, they strongly consider it.

So what do you think?  A #HullYes to getting rid of the extra point or a #HullNo to keep it around?

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Hull Yes or Hull No? Richard Sherman's Post Game Interview

Monday, Jan, 20 2014

Everyone has seen it by now; Seattle CB Richard Sherman's post game interview with Fox's Erin Andrews.  As soon as the 20-second Vince McMahon sytle promo was over, the twitterverse blew up with response. 

If you missed it...

I get why some enjoyed the blunt honesty because we live in a day and age of cliche, scripted resoponses.  This emotion is rare now.  However, to me, he took it too far.  There is a time and a place for everything.  I did not think this was it.

So, what did you think?  #HullYes to Sherman's comments or #HullNo.

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My Divisional Round Predictions

Friday, Jan, 10 2014

Last week, I went 2-2 in the Wild Card Round.  Take a look.  I will try to be better this week.

Division Game 1: #6 New Orleans @ #1 Seattle in the NFC (Saturday, 3:35 kickoff)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to make the logical pick here and go with Seattle.  However, by definition of the “J-Hull Black Sharpie Lock” I can’t as I picked New Orleans to win the NFC this year back towards the end of 2012.  As for this game…New Orleans proved an ability to win on the road last week by squeaking one out in Philly. Seattle has been deemed the “Super Team” for this year and rightfully so.  The way New Orleans will win is to stymie the Seattle offense, which can be done.  If Russell Wilson has a day, it could be a long flight home for the Saints.  So illogically, with my heart, I have to take New Orleans.  I really think its Seattle 27-20, though.

New Orleans over Seattle 20-14

Division Game 2: #4 Indianapolis @ #2 New England in the AFC (Saturday, 7:15 Kickoff)

Indianapolis shocked the world with their 28-comeback and in the process Andrew Luck added to his legend.  In my opinion, it’s a legend that will end up (probably sooner than later) with Luck in elite category.  If you like points, this game seems to be for you with both Indy and New England brining in less than stellar defenses.  New England has struggled this year having to squeak out a few games like Indy did this last week.  Based on last week, I think fate could be on Indy’s side so I will go with the young guy.  Also, weather keeps this game lower scoring than people believe.

Indy over New England 24-20

Division Game 3: #5 San Francisco @ #2 Carolina in the NFC (Sunday, 12:00 Kickoff)

After the 49ers beat Green Bay, it appears that pretty much everyone has penciled San Francisco into the NFC Championship game.  I am not everyone.  Colin Kaepernick’s performance against Green Bay was largely in part to defensive breakdowns by the Packers.  Carolina’s defense is far superior to the Packers.  A few weeks back, Carolina went to San Francisco and beat them.  Now they are at home.  While the Niners have been streaking themselves, I see Cam Newton doing more than enough for the Panthers to win fairly comfortably.

Carolina over San Francisco 24-13

Division Game 4: #6 San Diego @ #1 Denver in the AFC (Sunday, 3:40 Kickoff)

With the Chargers performance on Sunday and Peyton Manning’s playoff record, the Chargers are becoming a fairly “sexy” pick this week.  I am not buying it.  I think this one will be pretty clear cut:  Broncos roll.  Way to many offensive weapons on the Broncos.  The Chargers will get it going at times, but the Broncos defense will come up with enough stops to give the World Manning/Luck II. 

Denver over San Diego 48-27

Enjoy the games!

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