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Beat Baker - Bad Badger Picks (Week 2 Results)

Thursday, Sep, 12 2013

Every Thursday, one WSCO Listener will have the chance to pick 5 games against the spread on the weekend slate.  Thier record will be put up against Baker's from Bad Badger Sports Bar for a chance to win a Gift Card from Bad Badger Sports Bar.

If you beat Baker, you win a $25 Gift Card.  If you tie Baker, you win a $10 Gift Card.

Week 2 Results

Listener: Dean in Appleton (2-3)
Tennessee Tech @ Wisconsin (-45): Pick was Wisconsin - CORRECT
South Carolina @ Georgia (-3): Pick was South Carolina - INCORRECT
Ravens @ Broncos (-7.5): Pick was Broncos - CORRECT
Minnesota @ Detroit (-6): Pick was Minnesota - INCORRECT
NY Giants @ Dallas (-3.5): Pick was Giants - INCORRECT

Bad Badger: Baker (2-2-1)
Florida (-3.5) @ Miami: Pick was Florida - INCORRECT
Syracuse @ Northwestern (-17.5): Pick was Syracuse - INCORRECT
Cincinnati @ Chicago (-3): Pick was Chicago - TIE
Atlanta @ New Orleans (-3): Picks was Saints - CORRECT
Green Bay @ San Francisco (-5): Pick was San Francisco - CORRECT

Year Standings:
Baker 1-0-1
Listener 0-1-1

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Is Sunday a must win? I'll say YES! (BLOG)

Wednesday, Sep, 11 2013

The NFL Regular Season is 16-games long.  There is a lot of time between now and December when the playoff picture starts coming into focus. 

With the Packers dropping their opener to San Francisco this past Sunday, the idea of the team starting 0-2 has been brought up (by radio hosts that stir the pot like myself).  By no means is the season "officially" over if the Packers lose Sunday at home against the Washington Redskins.  However, you can argue that the hole is to big to dig out of.  Yes, this argument can be made, I am making it and I will flat out say it:  it's a must win!

Here are a list of teams that have started 0-2 since 2008:

Oakland Raiders = 4-12
Jacksonville Jaguars = 2-14
Kansas City Chiefs = 2-14
Cleveland Browns  = 5-11
New Orleans Saints = 7-9
Tennessee Titans = 6-10

Indianapolis Colts = 2-14
Minnesota Vikings = 3-13
Carolina Panthers =6-10
Seattle Seahawks = 7-9
Kansas City Chiefs = 7-9
Miami Dolphins = 6-10
St. Louis Rams = 2-14

Cleveland Browns = 5-11
Dallas Cowboys = 6-10
Detroit Lions = 6-10
Buffalo Bills = 4-12
Minnesota Vikings = 6-10
Carolina Panthers = 2-14
St. Louis Rams = 7-9
San Francisco 49ers = 6-10

Carolina Panthers = 8-8
Detroit Lions = 2-14
Tennessee Titans = 8-8
Kansas City Chiefs = 4-12
St. Louis Rams, 1-15
Jacksonville Jaguars = 7-9
Tampa Bay Bucs = 3-13
Cleveland Browns = 5-11
Miami Dolphins = 7-9

Cincinnati Bengals = 4-11-1
Cleveland Browns = 4-12
Detroit Lions = 0-16
Houston Texans = 7-9
Jacksonville Jaguars = 5-11
Kansas City Chiefs = 2-14
Miami Dolphins = 11-5 (Won Division)
Minnesota Vikings = 10-6 (Won Division)
San Diego Chargers = 8-8 (Won Division)
Seattle Seahawks = 4-12
St. Louis Rams = 2-14

I know, there are a lot of terrible teams/franchise on this list.  The Jaguars, Rams, Dolphins and Chiefs pop up more times then they would like to admit.  The Packers are not in that category.  With the roster they have built, the front office philosophy that exists and that #12 guy, a playoff miss would not signify a dip to the bottom but will more than likely be a blip on the radar that would be forgotten sooner than later.  Also, note that it has been since 2008 when an 0-2 made the playoffs and that year a remarkable 3-teams accomplished the feat.

Here is the bigger picture.  The Packers schedule is brutal!  If the Packers were to fall to the Redskins Sunday, they would be taking an 0-2 record to Cincinnati who is a VERY GOOD football team.  Road games in the NFL are tough, no matter who the opponent but Cincinnati was picked by many as the favorite in the AFC North and a Super Bowl contender.  As tough as 0-2 would be to swallow, 0-3 would be devastating...ESPECIALLY with a bye week to let it soak in!

Without getting to far ahead of ourselves, here is the other thing with the schedule.  It's hard to point out a part of the schedule that would be "make-up time" for Green Bay.  Every road game will be a challenge:  Baltimore, Minnesota, New York Giants, Detroit, Chicago and Dallas.  Minnesota looked rough but everyone else should/could be in the playoff picture. 

Of course, its about home games.  This one is just that.  BUT, the opponents are GOOD!  Outside of Cleveland and Minnesota who appear to be layups after week 1 (things could change), Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh will pose a threat and how about that Eagles offense?

Not going to fight the fact that this is a PREOVERACTION cause if the Packers win, this will all be for naught.  But, with that being said, they have to win to erase the overreaction.  So yes, from that standpoint...must win for the Packers. 

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