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Fans I can't stand

Monday, Jan, 7 2013

Tonight, #1 Notre Dame and #2 Alabama lock up in the "What Fans do I Despise the Least" Bowl, or what most fans know it as, (the soon to be defunct in a 2-team format) National Championship Game.  Anyway, I will be cheering for Alabama.  This pains me.  It's like someone is forcing me to pick between the Cubs or the Cardinals, Michigan or Ohio State, or (if I was a Packer fan) Chicago or Minnesota. 

Credit to my guy Doug Russell of WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee who posed this question on facebook which I (and probably everyone else in Wisconsin Sports Radio) will be turning into a show topic.  "What fans do you despise the most?"  Annoying, stubborn, uneducated, or whatever you want to the reason to be, you be the judge.

Here are my Top 5 in order:

#1.) Notre Dame Football - I have never understood the fascination with the Golden Domes.  I get it, they were once really really good.  I was 12 years-old.  That was 19-years ago.  I can't stand watching them on TV and the high brown notion that their independent status brings.  Can't stand them.

#2.) SEC Football - I am being very vague in the category label, but people outside of SEC know exactly what I mean.  Yes, the SEC is the best conference in college football.  This does not mean they are a step ABOVE the NCAA like fans think.  Unfortunately, the SEC does rule college football so it's a matter of getting use to it.

#3.) St. Louis Cardinals Fans - One word: hypocritical.  Seriously, they judge EVERYTHING other fans/teams/coaches do but have no clue that their team does the exact same things!  Also, let people decide who are the most traditional fans in baseball, you don't need to tell people.

#4.) Soccer Fans - I don't care about your sport.  I don't want to care about your sport.  I never will care about your sport.  Move to Europe.

#5.) Boston Red Sox Fans - Everything they hate about Yankee fans, they are...and then some.  Over the last 10-years, they have been shooting up the charts faster than M.C Hammer fell off them!

By the way; I don't "despise" people in a literal sense, but in a sports world sense you should get my drift...It's exactly why I love sports, conversations such as this.

By the way #2; I left out specific groups of in-state sports fans on purpose.  Maybe I can go there another day.

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Playoff Predictions

Wednesday, Jan, 2 2013

In the weeks leading up to the end of the season, I would go through the "if the playoffs started today" scenarios.  We can't do that anymore as the season is over and we have the playoffs staring us down this weekend.  So now it's time to put my neck out there and give you my playoff picks!

***My preseason (actually, my pick the day after last year's Super Bowl) was Green Bay over Houston.  Just to note that I am wavering from it.***

Wild Card Weekend
Packers over Vikings:  Rodgers > Ponder no matter how good A.P is
Seahawks over Redskins:  Seahawks will be to physical for the Redskins
Texans over Bengals:  Texans have struggled, but the Bengals don't "wow" me
Colts over Ravens:  The emotion of Pagano being there will be the difference

Divisional Weekend
49ers over Packers:  49ers defense will be the difference
Seahawks over Falcons: Sorry Atlanta, your stigma will stick with you
Broncos over Colts:  I get my dream Peyton vs Indy matchup, Colts get the nightmare finish
Patriots over Texans: Brady vs Manning is destiny

Conference Championships
49ers over Seahawks:  Jim Harbaugh will out coach Pete Carroll
Patriots over Broncos: I really hate picking against Bill and Tom, even thought I should

Super Bowl
Patriots over 49ers:  Brady with a game winning touchdown drive...why not?

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