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Tue, March 11, 2014

Armchair Ted Thompson

I like to refer to it as "Madden Syndrome," and this is the time of the year when it consumes most of us.  As NFL free agency opens later today, fans have spent the last couple months compiling their lists of what their teams NEED to do this offseason.

In Green Bay, it HAS to be worse than any other city (probably not, but I like to think so) because Ted Thompson virtually treats free agency like the plague.  Could this year be different?  Maybe?  The sense of urgency seems to be at a recent high by fans as the team has not recaptured the success they had in 2010 when people praised them and their future like the Seahawks are being praised now.

I thought it would be fun do this for the "Fantasy GMs" that are out there.  Monday on my show, I had people call in a make 3-moves for Green Bay; resigning players, trades, and (of course) free agents.  Here is what everyone came up with!

ME (of course I had to play):
1.) Resign Sam Sheilds (I grandfathered this move in becaue I came up with this idea last week, before he was resigned).
2.) Sign ILB Brandon Spikes - bolster a weak position
3.) Sign KR/PR Devin Hester - they want Randall Cobb off the field, he would do that

Rex in Little Chute (email)
1.) Sign a safety (I asked for specific players, didn't get a response)
2.) Resign John Kuhn
3.) Late Free Agency, sign Jared Allen

Cecil (phone)
1.) sign Donte Whitner
2.) Draft well (cop out, didn't want anymore)

Joe in Appleton (phone)
1.) sign Demarcus Ware
2.) sign Jared Allen
3.) sign Chris Clemons

Tony (phone)
1.) sign Lamar Houston (with resigning Pickett)
2.) resign Evan Dietrich-Smith
3.) resign Andrew Quarless

Richie (phone)
1.) resign B.J Raji and move him inside
2.) sign Linval Joesph
3.) sign Chris Clemons
3A.) resign Evan Dietrich-Smith

Scott in Appleton (phone with the assumption Raji resigns)
1.) sign Malcolm Jenkins
2.) resign Mike Neal
3.) sign Garrett Graham

Jim in Neenah (email)
1.) sign Malcom Jenkins or Mike Mitchell
2.) resign Evan Dietrich-Smith
3.) sign Jon Beason
also points to Sheilds move

Kullin in Kimberly (phone)
1.) resign Sam Shields (allowed)
2.) sign T.J Ward
3.) deal for Jimmy Graham

Dennis in Appleton (email)
1.) resign B.J Raji
2.) sign Devin Hester
3.) sign Jared Allen

Chris in Appleton (email)
1.) sign Tyson Jackson
2.) sign Malcom Jenkins
3.) sign Devin Hester

Mark (phone)
1.) resign Sam Sheilds
2.) resign Raji to the one year deal
3.) sign Arthur Jones and Antoine Bethea
So who did well?  We will look back as the season goes on and see who the best "Armchair Ted Thompson" was!

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