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J-Hull Week 1 Power Rankings

Tuesday, Sep, 9 2014

Russell Wilson vs Vikings, November 4, 2012.jpg
"Russell Wilson vs Vikings, November 4, 2012" by Larry Maurer - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

If everyone else can do these, why not me?

1.) Seattle (1-0) – yup, hard not to pick them here
2.) Denver (1-0) – Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning
3.) San Francisco (1-0) – Despite some personnel loses, defense looks good
4.) Cincinnati (1-0) – Defense looks good.  If they start scoring TDs, watch out!
5.) Philadelphia (1-0) – 2nd half team is a top-five team…1st half, bottom five
6.) Detroit (1-0) – Yes, a complete over reaction to Monday…but, justifiable
7.) Carolina (1-0) – Survived one game without Cam, get him back for Detroit
8.) Miami (1-0) – The most impressive upset win of week 1
9.) Atlanta (1-0) – Big win for a team prime for a rebound year
10.) Indianapolis (0-1) – Andrew Luck will be elite, soon…if he isn’t already
11.) Arizona (1-0) – Carson Palmer = Captain Comeback 2014
12.) New Orleans (0-1) – Their week 1 loss will look better come week 9
13.) Green Bay (0-1) – Seattle is that good…Packers should bounce back
14.) Buffalo (1-0) – For a team with no expectations, a great start to 2014
15.) New England Patriots (0-1) – Could this be the year they fall?
16.) Tennessee Titans (1-0) – My watch-out squad of 2014 starts well
17.) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) – Almost coughed it up in Cleveland…not good
18.) Houston Texans (1-0) – Fitzpatrick = Fitzcapable.  That defense is good
19.) Chicago Bears (0-1) – And 2014 begins how 2013 ended
20.) San Diego Chargers (0-1) – Top ten in 3-quarter games
21.) Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) – Injury dagger in week 1 for the defense
22.) Baltimore Ravens (0-1) – Bigger problems than football right now
23.) Dallas Cowboys (0-1) – How ‘bout them Cowboys?
24.) New York Jets (1-0) – Is beating the Raiders like kissing your sister?
25.) Minnesota Vikings (1-0) - 1st in the standings, 24th in reality
26.) Tampa Bucs (0-1) – Can’t beat Derek Andersen at home…ouch
27.) Washington (0-1) – RG-A for Accuracy…RG-L for losing
28.) Cleveland Browns (0-1) – Was almost Johnny Football time
29.) Oakland Raiders (0-1) – Another long year for future San Antonio fans
30.) New York Giants (0-1) – hard to find anything good from Monday
31.) Jacksonville (0-1) – 1st half team looked top five…2nd half bottom five
32.) St. Louis (0-1) – Starter and backup QBs hurt = not good things

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Scuba's NASCAR Pick 3: Week 26 Results

Tuesday, Sep, 9 2014

Brad Keselowski, 2013 STP Gas Booster 500.jpg
"Brad Keselowski, 2013 STP Gas Booster 500" by chayes_2014 - Flickr: Brad Keselowski drives down pit road. (2). Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Our NASCAR Pick 3 has reached the Chase of the Championship!  Scuba’s Bar and Grill in Appleton is on board this season challenging you to beat the experts!

Every week, on WSCO, Alex Hayden of MRN Radio & Ben Brust of the Badgers join Justin Hull to talk NASCAR.  At the end the conversation, one listener will be chosen to call in and pick 3 drivers for the Sprint Cup Race that weekend.  After that, our expert panel of Alex, Ben, Justin and Justin’s Dad will pick their 3 for the race.

It’s golf style scoring so the lower the scorer, the better.  You get points for whatever position each of your drivers finish.  If you pick the winning driver, we subtract 5-points from your total.  If the listener beats 3 of 4 or sweeps the panel, it’s a $25 Gift Card to Scuba’s.  If you beat just one, it’s a $10 Gift Card to Scuba’s.

Here are the week 26 results:

1st place: Alex Hayden
Kevin Harvick:  5
Dale Jr.: 12
Jamie McMurray: 4
Total: 21

2nd place: Justin
Jimmie Johnson:  8
Clint Bowyer: 3
Kyle Busch: 14
Total: 25

3rd place: Justin's Dad
Kevin Harvick: 5
Joey Lagano: 6
Matt Kentseth: 41
Total: 52

4th place: Listener Ryan ($10 Scuba's winner)
Matt Kenseth: 41
Kyle Busch: 14
Kevin Harvick: 5
Total: 60

5th place: Twitter Contestant Tate
Matt Kenseth: 41
Denny Hamlin: 21
Jeff Gordon: 2
Total: 64

Yearly Rankings (total points):
1st –  Alex: 1034
2nd – Brust: 1121
3rd – Justin’s Dad: 1136
4th – Listeners: 1156
5th - Justin: 1184

Race Winner Picks:
Alex Hayden - 7 (Races 2, 3, 7, 13, 17, 22, & 23)
Justin’s Dad – 5 (Race 1, 7, 9, 12, & 24)
Justin  - 4 (Race 4,11, 16, & 20)
Listeners – 4 (Race 10, 14, 20, & 21)
Ben - 4 (Race 10, 13, 14, & 23)

Weekly Winner honors:
Dad - 7 (Week 1, 7, 9, 12, 22, 24, & 25)
Listeners - 5 (Week 4, 5, 14, 18, & 20)
Justin - 5 (Week 3, 8, 11, 16, & 19)
Alex - 5 (Week 2, 6,17, 21, & 26)
Ben - 4 (Week 10, 13, 15, & 23)

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J-Hull Media NFL Picks Challenge - Week 1

Thursday, Sep, 4 2014

Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII.jpg
"Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII" by Anthony Quintano - Flickr: Super Bowl XLVIII (48) New York New Jersey. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I issued the challenge and a few brave souls accepted.  Welcome to the J-Hull NFL Picks Challenge!  I tossed out the challenge to some of my media colleagues and here's a look at who responded.  Who will take the early lead?  Stay tuned...

Justin Hull  WHBY Radio Marques Pfaff WSCO Radio Evan E. WSCO Fantasy Football Justin Felder WLUK-TV Fox 11 Ryan Rodig WFRV-TV Local 5 J.P Cadorin TWC Sports Channel Mike Woods Post Crescent Media Brett Christoph.
Post Crescent Media
Ben Worgull Badger Nation Paul Imig
Fox Sports WI
Dan Koob NBC 26


Clean Sweep - Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Chicago and Denver 

On an Island - Cadorin (NY Giants & Washington) and Hull (Dallas) each have solo picks

Split Decision - Cincinnati/Baltimore & Carolina/Tampa Bay are each 6 to 5

Winning Dogs - Minnesota (9-2) & Cincinnati (6-5) are the under dogs favored by the expets 

Road Warriors - Just 5 of 16 road teams recieved the majority nod:  San Francisco (10-1), New England (9-2), Minnesota (9-2), Cincinnati (6-5), & Carolina (6-5).

Matching Sheets - Justin Felder and Benjamin Worgull are the only two with identical sheets

Enjoy Week 1!

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Scuba's NASCAR Pick 3: Week 26 Picks

Thursday, Sep, 4 2014

"BuschSeriesFieldAtTexasApril2007" by Bo Nash from Arlington, TX - Following the Pace Car. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Things are heating up in the NASCAR picks as Ben Brust continues to track Alex Hayden, who has held the lead since early on.

Updated Standings:
1st –  Alex: 1013
2nd – Brust: 1057
3rd – Justin’s Dad: 1084
4th – Listeners: 1096
5th - Justin: 1159

Wednesday, Ben and Alex joined me for the NASCAR Roundtable...take a listen!

/assets/wsco/files/Brust_Hayden-Home Stretch_090314.mp3
Now to our picks for the Scuba's Pick 3...

Alex Hayden - Kevin Harvick, Dale Jr, Jamie McMurray
Me - Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, Jimmie Johnson
Ben Brust - Jeff Gordon, Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth
Justin's Dad - Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick, Joey Lagano..

Now our contest, Ryan.  If Ryan beats 3 of 4 experts, he wins a $25 gift card to Scuba's Pourhouse in Appleton.  If he beats just 1, its a $10 gift card...

And some of the folks who chimed in with some predictions...

Enjoy Richmond! 

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2014 NFL Season Predictions

Wednesday, Sep, 3 2014

Drew Brees Saints 2008.jpg
"Drew Brees Saints 2008" by dbking - originally posted to Flickr as _MG_5421. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

YES!  The time of year where I put all my NFL Season picks on paper so I can be blasted at the end of the season when they all go wrong.  Anyway, it’s fun.  Let’s do this.

NFC North
Green Bay
Chicago (WC)
I think the Packers defense will be improved and if Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, they win another division title.  Chicago and Detroit will be knocking on the door.  I expect Minnesota to be better than the experts say, too.

NFC East
NY Giants
Chip Kelly is the next big thing in coaching and the Eagles build on 2013 without a big threat.  Wouldn’t be shocked to see the other three sub .500.

NFC South
New Orleans
Tampa Bay
Atlanta has to bounce back.  Not sure they give the Saints a run at the division crown but they should be in the Wild Card chase.  Tampa should be better and Carolina won’t be bad, just in a tough division.  Everyone .500 or above.

NFC West
Arizona (WC)
San Francisco
St. Louis
I want to pick against Seattle that would mean picking Carson Palmer.  I like Arizona as a WC with a strong push at Seattle.  San Francisco will be down and St. Louis’s QB situation derailed their shot.


Wild Card Round
#3 New Orleans over #6 Chicago
#4 Seattle over #5 Arizona

Divisional Round
#3 New Orleans over #2 Philadelphia
#1 Green Bay over #4 Seattle

NFC Championship
#3 New Orleans over #1 Green Bay

I said the Saints last year…why not try again.  My darkhorse Super Bowl contender is Chicago.  I don’t have the stones to pick them, so I gave them the darkhorse label in case they do get there, I can take some credit.

AFC North
The Ravens had a good run but I think they fall off.  Pittsburgh wins a close, ugly race down the stretch with Cincinnati and yes, the Johnny Football led Browns who will be in the hunt.

AFC East
New England
NY Jets
How do you not pick the Patriots?  Until Tom Brady “sucks” and retires, then I won’t pick them.  I want to give Buffalo a wild card but maybe next year.

AFC South
Tennessee (WC)
I don’t think it will be a walk for Indy but my Andrew Luck ”on-field man crush” makes it where I can’t pick against him.  Houston is a QB away, still…Tennessee sneaks in as a wild card.  Jacksonville is better, but still Jacksonville.

AFC West
Kansas City (WC)
San Diego
Denver EASILY!  Kansas City too good to leave out of the post season.  San Diego on the edge while Oakland remains Oakland.

AFC Playoffs

Wild Card Round
#3 Indianapolis over #6 Tennessee
#5 Kansas City over #4 Pittsburgh

Divisional Round
#3 Indianapolis over #2 New England
#1 Denver over #5 Kansas City

AFC Championship
#3 Indianapolis over #1 Denver

Hard to pick against Denver…but I have to go with the gut on this one.  The AFC continues to be relatively top heavy with the same teams dominating the headlines. 

New Orleans over Indianapolis
In the end, the Saints defense makes the play to seal the deal.  Drew Brees wins #2 and the GOAT conversation begins.

MVP:  Aaron Rodgers – Eddie Lacy opens the door for a HUGE year
Offensive Player of the Year:  Andrew Luck – a consolation prize for being MVP runner up
Defensive Player of the Year:  Richard Sherman – the spotlight is on him to shine; if he does, this is all him.
Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Brandin Cooks – Drew Brees puts his new target into the spotlight with monster rookie numbers
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Jadeveon Clowney – He is playing opposite JJ Watt…how does he not put up a huge rookie year?
Coach of the Year: Mike McCarthy – the Packers defense turns it around (a bit) and the offense excels.  McCarthy picks up the honor.

Happy 2014 Season!

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