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Heading to May, the Brewers are in great shape

Thursday, May, 1 2014

The Milwaukee Brewers just wrapped up an impressive first month of the season.  At 20-8, they hold the best record in baseball including an astonishing 11-2 mark on the road.  The 20-wins set a franchise mark for wins in the first full month of the season.

As the calendar now turns a page to May, a month that wasn’t kind to the Brewers last season (6-22).  Forgetting that, Milwaukee has set themselves up nicely moving forward.  Here are a few side notes to fuel the good feeling:

- In 2013, four (Atlanta, St. Louis, Boston, & Detroit) of the six teams that had a division lead heading into May won their division.  Colorado had a 1-game lead in the NL West and Texas had a 2-game lead in the AL West but failed to make the post season.  The Brewers have a 5.5 game lead over St. Louis.

- In 2012, the Texas Rangers had a 6.5 game lead in the AL West heading into May but failed to win the division.  They still made the post season as a Wild Card.

- The last time a team had at least a 5.5 game lead in the Division and did not make the playoffs was 2008.  The Arizona Diamondbacks were up by that margin, also with a 20-8 record, but finished 82-80.

- The 2010 Cardinals are the last NL Central team to have the division lead through April and fail to make the playoffs.

- The Brewers are on pace to finish the season with 116-46…probably not going to happen but fun to look at.

- The 2013 Reds (90-wins) and 2012 Cardinals (88-wins) earned the 2nd Wild Card spots in the NL.  Given the win totals, the Brewers would need to go 70-64 the rest of the way to get to 90 wins & 68-66 the rest of the way to get to 88 wins.

- The Brewers had 96-wins in 2011.  To get to that total, the Brewers would need to go 76-58 the rest of the way.  That is winning just 57% of their remaining games.

Nothing is guaranteed.  You still have to go out there and win games.  It’s just fun to look at because the
Brewers have not led the division after the first month since 2007.  

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