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Packers off Thursday after a “spirited” practice

When the Packers hit the practice field Wednesday, things got heated on multiple occasions.  It’s nothing new in training camp, no matter what NFL city you are talking about. 

Guard Josh Sitton went as far as saying it wouldn’t feel right if there wasn’t a fight or two.

“I wanna say a few years ago, I feel like we didn’t have a single fight for a while,” Sitton said.  “It was very odd.  It’s bound to happen, and it happens pretty much every year.”

Sitton was involved in at least one of the melees that needed to be broken up.

“Certain drills, they get heated out there.  Usually how it gets started, somebody finishing a little bit harder, and then somebody on either offensive or defensive (is) protecting their guy.  It’s all in the spirit of the game. It’s fun.”

The extra level of intensity may have been injected into the team before practice.  Wide receiver Jordy Nelson looks back at a pre-practice meeting.

“We knew it was going to happen,” Nelson pointed out.  “They juiced us up a little bit in the meeting room.”
When pressed about it being planned, Nelson answered “It was a big act; WWF style.”

With fights being such a big part of camp every year, players “try” to be smart about it. 

“We always talk, don’t punch anybody; I don’t think that happened today,” Sitton said.0” There were definitely a few punches thrown. They tell us to be smart and protect their teammates.”

Sitton admitted, his actions were not on the smart side.

“Throwing punches is not smart, no.  That’s pretty stupid.  I might have been stupid (Wednesday).”

Once the Packers wrap up the work week, their schedules will start looking more like they will in the regular season.  Instead of six days of work, that number will be dwindling. The hard, intense practices won’t be happening until next training camp.

The team is off Thursday before a closed practice Friday.  They travel to St. Louis Saturday for their next preseason game.

posted : August, 14th by WSCO

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