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Tue, October 2, 2012

QB Power Rankings

Every website and expert goes through their "weekly power rankings" giving you their opinions on the best team in the NFL.  I have done this in the past but am hoping to put a J-Hull twist on it.  After watching an epic battle between Jay Cutler and Tony Romo on Monday night, I thought about looking at the league's QBs and ranking them...

1.) Matt Ryan (ATL):  Ryan has been a HUGE factor in Falcons perfect in league so far

2.) Matt Schaub (HOU): Like Ryan, Schaub has stepped his game up for an unbeaten team

3.) Joe Flacco (BAL): Ravens are relying on him more in 2012 and the team is benefiting

4.) Tom Brady (NE): His 2nd half against the Bills was UNREAL!  Remains one of the best in the game

5.) Drew Brees (NO): Tough year for is 0-4 but he continues to shine

6.) Aaron Rodgers (GB): Offensive looked normal this a starting point or was it the just the Saints

7.) Andy Dalton (CIN): A star target (A.J Green) is making his life easy

8.) Peyton Manning (DEN): Durability is still a concern but the guy can still play

9.) El Manning (NYG): It was weird seeing Eli NOT lead a game winning drive Sunday night

10.) Robert Griffin III (WAS): Sunday's game-winning drive was performed without helmet communication

11.) Alex Smith (SF): Smith not needing to be an elite QB will keep him in this range

12.) Christian Ponder (MIN): Only NFL started who has not thrown a pick this year

13.) Ben Roethlisberger (PIT): Big numbers for Ben but a 1-2 record and lack of clutch throws

14.) Kevin Kolb (ARZ):  Kolb is unblemished as the starter; Skelton who?

15.) Michael Vick (PHI): Lots of turnovers but 3-game winning of both worlds

16.) Phillip Rivers (SD):  Chargers are 3-1 but Rivers has been blah...

17.) Cam Newton (CAR): Nothing overly special, teammates have questioned his attitude...not good

18.) Blaine Gabbert (JAX): Yeah, Gabbert is this high.  5-TD vs just 1-INT.  He is playing solid so far

19.) Andrew Luck (IND): Luck's skill set has shown, just needs to get to NFL decision making standards

20.) Matthew Stafford (DET):  Last year, 41-touchdown passes...on pace for 12 this year

21.) Jay Cutler (CHI):  When he is good, he looks really good

22.) Tony Romo (DAL): When his is bad, he looks really bad...

23.) Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF): Leads the league in TDs...but 2nd in picks

24.) Sam Bradford (STL): Team is 2-2...not sure how much of that is Bradford

25.) Carson Palmer (OAK): Raiders will be paying for trading for him for years...

26.) Russell Wilson (SEA): Love fest over?  Fans are starting to talk about Matt Flynn

27.) Matt Cassell (KC): If Dewayne Bowe is so good, how is Cassell so bad?

28.) Matt Hasselbeck (TEN): He replaces Locker...good luck in Tennessee!

29.) Josh Freeman (TB): Expected so much more from him this year

30.) Ryan Tannehill (MIA): 2012 version of Blaine Gabbert...curious about 2013

31.) Brandon Weeden (CLE): Has show some promise...but has also tossed 7-picks

32.) Mark Sanchez (NYJ): Tim Tebow, that is all...

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